Biomek 4000 Automated Liquid Handler

A compact liquid handler ideal for smaller laboratories and those new to automation. It helps standardize daily pipetting routines, maintain sample quality and generate repeatable, reliable results. Labs focused on genomics, drug discovery, cell biology, proteomics, forensics, and related research can run methods on the Biomek 4000 automated liquid handler.

  • Ideal for low-throughput workflows
  • 12 deck positions including 4 off-deck
  • 1 - 1,000 µL pipetting volume range with liquid-level sensing
  • Multiple interchangeable single- and eight-channel pipetting tools and gripper

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Biomek 4000 Features

Versatile Workspace

  • Compact design fits in laminar flow hood or on your lab bench
  • Up to 12 deck positions including 4 off-deck position that can be used for the integration of thermal cycling, shaking, and waste disposal
  • Add labware feeders to increase system capacity
  • Optional enclosure to protect samples from airborne particles
  • Configurable for specific applications
  • Download the Biomek 4000 brochure
  • Watch the Biomek 4000 overview video

Application-Focused Solutions

Biomek-automated demonstrated methods and capabilities for genomic, drug discovery, basic research workflows, and more:

  • NGS (B42929)
  • PCR Set-up (B22637)
  • PCR Clean-up (B22638)
  • Cell Staining (B22639)
  • Genomics (B22640)
  • Liquid Handling (B22867)
  • CE SDS Sample Prep (B37830)
  • AC Prep (B37892)
  • HLA Prep (C23350)

Flexible Pipetting & Workflow Management

  • Auto-interchangeable single- and 8-channel pipetting tools and gripper
  • Dynamic volume pipetting range from 1 to 1000 µL
  • Liquid-level sensing
  • Supports labware from tubes to 384-well micro/macro and thermal cycling plates
  • Directional pipetting to any location within the well with controlled aspiration and dispense rates
  • Efficient wash and bulk dispense tool allows for dispensing against the wall of a well, tip touches, bulk dispense and per liquid volume calibration

Simple System Operation

  • Biomek Method Launch provides Icon-based programing for drag and drop method and labware loading
  • Remote instrument monitoring through Google Chrome
  • Biomek 3D simulator demonstrates method development in real time as you create it
  • Data Management captures data needed for validation and integrates with LIMS system to import work orders and export data
  • Optional Biomek Dart software allows live and historical data browsing and reduces manual data integration
  • 21 CFR Part 11 approved

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